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a high-touch coaching experience for all individuals (not just gymnasts) who want 1:1 coaching with a customized nutrition plan that realistically fits your goals and needs 


Desire a 1:1 experience with a Registered Dietitian who will help you achieve your goals in a realistic and simple way


Want a completely customized plan for what you should be eating to promote optimal health and/or performance

Want clear fueling strategies that you can easily implement into your unique schedule

Want to feel confident about the nutrition choices you are making while still being able to enjoy life


Are ready to stop guessing about what to do to reach your goals and want a plan they know will work

Taylor Krippner is The Gymnastics Dietitian who provides nutrition tips for gymnasts

a high-touch 1:1 nutrition coaching experience made to support your journey in learning to fuel for optimal health, performance, and ultimately conquer your goals


Customized Nutrition Plan

With clear actionable steps on how to fuel for your unique schedule with taste preferences, budget, and realistic strategies for YOU in mind. We keep this plan FLEXIBLE for life circumstances (injury, travel, sickness, etc.). No strict rules here!

And yes, you can keep this plan forever!

Biweekly 1:1 Coaching Calls + 24/7 Communication Access 

Coaching calls are via Zoom

A private communication space is given to provide support, motivation, and Q&A opportunities for answers in between calls!

Helpful Nutrition Handouts

Exclusive handouts provided to accompany your premium 1:1 coaching  for maximum clarity and confidence.


Initial Consult: the first meeting before your plan is created

This is where we will take a deep dive into understanding all about your unique needs. We will go over nutrition preferences, schedule, medical/injury history, current diet, overall goals, etc. 

Progressive Coaching + Goal Setting:  45min long biweekly discussions via Zoom 

Here we will discuss your plan, how progress is going, necessary nutrition education, talk about WINS and challenges, and adjust accordingly with progressive goal setting accompanied by actionable steps every 2 weeks.

24/7 Communication Access:  
platform for on going communication

It is expected that you will have updates, comments, or questions in between our coaching calls, and thus a communication platform is provided for you to be able to connect with me on a regular basis.

 Nutrition Handouts
• Food Product Samples
 / Discounts


  • Knew EXACTLY what and when you should eat to have the BEST health or performance outcomes possible

  • Could CONFIDENTLY say you're consuming the nutrients needed for living your healthiest life possible

  • Were able to EASILY create a 10 minute meal that provides everything you need for your goals

  • Knew how to ENJOY all foods without guilt or shame and had a positive body image

  • Knew EXACTLY how to eat for performance even during travel, injury, or sickness

  • Your no longer thought nutrition was confusing because you now know how to confidently fuel anywhere, at anytime

Taylor Krippner is The Gymnastics Dietitian who provides nutrition tips for gymnasts

S P O T S   A R E   L I M I T E D

I accept a limited amount of premium 1:1 clients, so I can give them my FULL attention

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